Hey folks!

My name is Gregg, the time has come to bring forth my crazy creations.

I've always been a huge fan of garden fresh veggies by couldn't regularly afford the high prices of organic produce. I would grow them myself but I'll admit that I had no desire to break my back doing so & the experience to pull it off.

So, as I'm a self proclaimed geek of tinkering & toying with things in my garage, I did some homework on the basics of gardening. A few years, blood, sweat & tears later(the sweat in my eyes), I have finally worked out the bugs. I still don't know everything about gardening, but I no longer kill plants on a regular basis. My creations have come to life at The Geek Garden!

Brown thumbers such as myself can now look like we know what we're doing without much knowledge and effort. You'll be amazed at how easy it is gardening with The Geek Garden.

Thanks for checking us out.