Enter the World of Hydroponics: The Method for Indoor Botanical Growth

People who are interested in developing an indoor garden must surely know about hydroponics. If you don’t yet, you’re in luck because we have you covered.

Hydroponics is still a subject that hasn’t been discussed much. So we are going to take this opportunity to introduce the world of hydroponics for all of you who want to go green in their indoor spaces.

Let’s start with the definition of hydroponics.

Hydroponics: Growing Plants Without Soil

The most basic definition of hydroponics is in the heading above. But if we stretch this definition a bit further, hydroponics can be defined as the process in which plants are grown in hydro-culture with assistance of mineral nutrients. Hydroponics can also be used to grow terrestrial plants. The roots of terrestrial plants, instead of being buried in the soil, are placed in a nutrient solution or in any inert medium such as glassy globules of perlite or an aggregation of rock fragments.

With that in mind, we can easily deduce that plants don’t actually have to be planted in the ground if you are growing them with the help of hydroponic technique. This fact points to another realization - you can grow plants hydroponically indoors if you want to.

Benefits of Hydroponic Plant Growth

Apart from providing you with an option to grow plants indoor, there are some benefits of hydroponic growing techniques to farming as well.

Rapid Growth and More Yields

Many experts are in agreement that plants grow more rapidly with hydroponics. Plants grow 20% faster when they are grown in hydroponic culture. Rapid growth of plants means you are saving a lot of time which can be very beneficial for you if you are farming on a commercial basis.

Even though botanists are still trying to find out why hydroponic plants are providing higher yields compared to soiled plants, one fact is well-established; the fact that hydroponic plants do provide superior yields.

By-passing All Soil Related Constraints

This is the most highlighted benefit of hydroponic technique. There are many regions where you can’t find suitable soil to grow certain plants. Or you may be someone living in urban settings without any ground surface with good soil in and around your houses. All these soil related constraints can’t stop you from growing plants with the hydroponic technique.

A Lot of Space Can be Saved

Unlike traditional growth of plants, hydroponic is a controlled growing technique where plant roots are supplied nutrients close to them so that they don’t have to spread their roots like they have to do in soil. Therefore, you can place many plants close to each other which results in saving a lot of space. Having more plants in less space means you are getting higher yield.

Say Goodbye to Weed Pulling and Cleaning

Weed removal from around the plants is one of the most tedious tasks a gardener can ever face. With hydroponics, you don’t face any such nuisance.

Hydroponic growing can be used indoors as well as outdoors to replace your traditional plants or garden. It’s not just a home-based technique, but one that has worked miracles for commercial purposes as well.