Make a Successful Gardening Foray with Valuable Watering Tips and Methods

Watering different botanical species in your garden is an important factor for having healthy blossoming natural space. If you are going to begin your gardening journey then following information can provide you with a lot of help.

Watering Tips for Your Garden

Following are some of the tips that can come in handy when you are watering your garden.

v People are always confused when watering their plants. They sometimes overdo it with large quantities of water too frequently, and sometimes with too less water and that too infrequently. According to professional gardeners, the best practice is to water your garden less often but with more amount of water.

v To make sure that you are using water efficiently, water your garden at time of the day when temperatures are lower. Watering your plants early in the morning or late in the evening will allow less water to evaporate from the soil.

v Many people while watering their plants have the habit of sprinkling leaves with water. This might look good and refreshing for a moment but this practice can be dangerous for plant health due to two distinctive reasons.

I. If leaves are kept wet overnight, this can result in leaf mold which decompose leaves.

II. If leaves are left wet with water droplets in scorching sunlight, it can cause slight burn marks on leaves due to the burning glass effect of water droplets.

v Most plants grow in evenly moisturized environment. Exposing the soil surrounding the plant and seeds with the same amount of water helps in keeping evenly moist environment.

v Waterlogging is the phenomenon in which the soil and root zone of the plant gets saturated with water. This can occur due to excessive rainfall or when you forget to turn off the running garden hose. Due to the waterlogged soil, plants get deprived of sufficient aeration required for their survival, therefore excessive or rather reckless watering can result into plant death.

Apart from its harmful consequences for plants, waterlogged soil can also pose a threat to you and your family. It can turn out to be an excellent breeding ground for mosquitoes.

Soaker Hose & Drip Irrigation: Efficient Watering Methods for your GardenSoaker Hose

Soaker hose is an efficient way of watering the entire rows of plants in your garden simultaneously. It has the same appearance of a typical garden hose but it is porous throughout its length. You can run the soaker hose along the plants in your garden. Water will seep through the walls of hose and will evenly water every plant.

Drip Irrigation

Drip irrigation uses a long tube which is further bifurcated into several emitting tubes. It is more precise than a soaker hose and mostly used in gardens that are developed for commercial purposes.

There are several benefits of watering your garden with a soaker hose or drip irrigation.

  • Watering plants at ground level means plants will be targeted with more precision.
  • Watering with such precision means weeds and other unwanted plants will not get sufficient amount of water to grow.
  • Watering the plants at ground level means their leaves can be saved from the unwanted moisture.