Organic Gardening: Some Extrinsic & Intrinsic Rewards

Many people are interested in organic gardening. But they are not sure how to make it work. To motivate them to take up this natural and healthy habit, we are discussing some of the tangible and intangible benefits of organic gardening in this article.

Extrinsic Rewards

Organic farming can bring several tangible or extrinsic rewards in the form of its products and byproducts.

Enhanced Natural Taste

Grocery stores mostly keep fruits and vegetables that are grown inorganically. All these foods are good in their appearance but hardly taste anything like the fruits and vegetables grown organically. Organic plants and vegetables are very rich in their taste because they are non-GMO and are grown in organic environments.

Organic Farming Ensures Health

Since organic gardening is done without any help of toxic chemicals (fertilizers, herbicides and pesticides), this mean there are no chances that the grown plants will have any toxic residues.

Organic botanical products are also known to have more vitamin and mineral content than the ones grown in inorganic environments. Thus organic products can ensure general wellbeing of your health by providing you a nutrient-rich dietary routine. Eating organic can also make you less vulnerable to diseases because you won’t be exposed to chemical toxins of inorganic fruits and vegetables.

You can Save a Lot on Your Grocery Spending

You can find organic vegetables and fruits in farmers market and special shelves in your grocery store - but they are pricier than the regular variety. With the help of organic gardening, you can grow many fruits and vegetable in your lawn or backyard. If you want to eat organic then your own organic garden can save you quite a bit.

Some Indirect Extrinsic Rewards

Apart from benefits of organic gardening discussed, it also gives rise to some indirect extrinsic benefits that are worth mentioning.

v Ample vitamin supply: Modern lifestyle has reduced our exposure to sunlight which is an important source of vitamin D. Working in your organic garden gives you some time out in the fresh air and under the sun.

v Increased physical activity: Since gardening involves physical involvement, working in your organic garden for even half an hour can be a healthy physical routine.

Intrinsic Rewards

Not only does organic gardening provide you with extrinsic rewards, you can also benefit from certain intrinsic rewards.

A good way of mediation

Spending time with plants in your garden can be a good way to mediate. While working in the garden, you are surrounded with nature - greenery, sunlight and fresh air can help you focus on your stream of thought in a positive manner. Experiencing and observing your conscious with a positive attitude is the key to successful mediation.

Returning the Favor to Mother Nature

Not contributing in damaging and hurting the environment with different chemical toxics by adopting organic practices can flicker a sense of achievement and accomplishment that you are returning the favor to Mother Nature.

With the way things are in terms of nature, crop production and genetic modification, there is no doubt that organic gardening is the way to the future. It is up to you to decide when the future begins.